So I think that I will go ahead and make this blog post a fairly long one since most of you have absolutely no clue what I have been doing the past few weeks and to be fair, I still don’t have internet at my flat so I haven’t had the chance to update you. If you don’t have time to read my rambles or view my obnoxious use of parenthesis then I forgive you.

Dec. 28th: After a beautiful Christmas holiday and a long flight sitting in the aisle seat (I fell asleep at one point and woke up with the drink cart hitting me solidly on the head, so no more sleep for me), I finally arrived in the gorgeous, green, Scotland. Jamie (my boss and friend from summers at camp) picked me up, got me some coffee (much needed), and took me to my new home. Except here they call them “flats” instead of houses or apartments. Anyways, he drove me to my new flat. That night we were meeting up with friends in Glasgow, which is about 45-60 minutes away, so I didn’t have too much time to settle in. I dropped my suitcases and then went to Jamie’s. I showered, took a two hour snooze (only sleep I’d had out of the 30ish hours I’d been awake) and then we were off! Long story short, we arrived in Glasgow and met up and went out to a place called Bamboo with Mark, James, Kurt, Steph, Lewis, Lucy, Benny, and of course  my perfect Michigan muffin roommate Ashley.  It was a really fun night involving sparklers on Grey Goose and Champagne, and it was the best possible way to start off this adventure.


Bamboo with my roommate-Ashley.


I told you there were sparklers on the drinks…


Mark, James, Lewis, Kurt and I at Bamboo.

Dec.29th-30th: We unpacked our obnoxious amount of things and officially moved into our furnished flat. We also went out to a place called Ghullie Dhu in Edinburgh and met up with most of the Camp Echo staff.

Dec. 31st: NEW YEARS EVE. A magical night full of drinks, friends, and haggis well spent at The Dome, a super fancy two story building overly decorated (in the good way, like in a way that my mom wishes the house would look like during Christmas) for the holidays. The bottom floor, a huge bar and DJ with plenty of room for bopping around, was fun but the real joy of being in Scotland to ring in the New Year (which by the way, isn’t it weird that it is 2014???), was the second floor. The second floor had a bar, and a live band with traditional Ceilidh dancing (pronounced like people say my name when they don’t know me-kaylee). Feel free to brush up on your knowledge of this here- At the end of the night we all came back to Dunfermline (where Ash and I live) and stayed up chatting and laughing about the night. Happy New Year to all!

New Years Eve with Camp Echo.

New Years Eve with Camp Echo.

Jan. 1st-3rd: Did I mention that it is 2014??? My OCD has me avoiding writing this number down anywhere even though I just did because if you know me you know that even numbers are my weakness and I h8 them. Anyways, the next few nights we hosted a number of friends and had big family dinners (involving foods like tatties/mash and haggis) and finally made our new flat feel “homey”. Speaking of flats: here are some photos.

1521425_10151799558316949_1802263110_n 1520660_10151799558321949_1444161165_n 1510864_10151799558326949_1109890987_n 1545019_10151799558306949_2073573650_n 1502533_10151799558751949_518530923_n 1528572_10151799558756949_1535191377_n

Jan. 4th: Good lord. This night. It is one of those “you-had-to-be-there” evenings, but it started out normal enough. Mark, James, Tom, Steph, Benny, Kurt, Ash and I all went bowling (I’m absolute rubbish, so I lost, rematch to come later). What happened next involved the movie Braveheart (which I had never seen and still to this day have yet to watch all the way through), 7 bottles of rum (yes, I said 7), a bar called the Brasshouse, and an emotional explosion. It is a night that we simply call, BRAVEHEART NIGHT and leave it at that. For further explanation, ask one of the mentioned folk.

Jan. 5th: That morning, I went along with Kurt and Tom and we drove Mark and James to the train station and climbed Arthurs Seat which is a small mountain in Edinburgh overlooking, well, everything. The view from the top is breath-taking and so is the hike up. Literally, I couldn’t breathe. I am so out of shape. We also met Kelsey and Kirsten in town for lunch and I got some of my old Kentucky home, but in Scotland! How cool is it that camp made that happen. It blows my mind how many opportunities have come from taking a leap and going to camp. That night we finally were able to sit back and enjoy the quiet as we had not had any such thing since we arrived. It was nice, but strange. Ash and I were finally here.

Arthurs Seat.

Arthurs Seat.

Kels and Kirsten and I take Edinburgh.

Kels and Kirsten and I take Edinburgh.

Jan. 6th: We’ve come to the present, for the most part. This was my very first day at the office. The rest is known.

So here I am, a working woman, feeling very much like Carrie Bradshaw, operating the city and taking it by storm (at least in my head I am). Ashley, Steph and I have joined a gym taking RPM, weightlifting, kickboxing and ab classes. Speaking of Carrie Bradshaw Ash and I have successfully finished seasons five and six of Sex in the City thanks to Steph. PoundWorld is the greatest store on the planet (it’s like dollar tree for you Americans), and I’ve discovered that I have a love for cooking that just wasn’t realized because I never cooked at home.  The first weekend after work Ashley went to Glasgow to see Mark and Tom, Steph and I had dinner and board games with Jamie. Jamie has a dog called Murphy-and he’s perfect-he comes into work every day. Steph and I took him for a cheeky walk in the Scottish countryside and I finally felt like “okay, yeah, I go here”. That ah-ha moment was nice and I feel like I’m settling in nicely.

1601186_10151811436246949_142746319_n 1505466_10151811387001949_1237302982_n cropped-1601186_10151811436246949_142746319_n.jpg 999923_10151811387386949_2039496373_n 1484716_10151811387211949_1922166591_n

I’m learning a lot every day and I LOVE having lots of camp friends so close to me. Dunfermline is an adorable little town with history and cobbled roads. There’s a mall right around the corner with everything I need, and a large park complete with walking trails and waterfalls down the street. People are super friendly and they walk their dogs without leashes. We can walk absolutely everywhere and when we truly can’t, there’s the clean buses and trains. Instead of fast food, there are takeaways with real food (still unhealthy, but not as bad as McDonalds) and this may surprise my Kentucky bests, but I don’t even miss a good McDouble Mini Meal. I have a new banking account and I’m starting to see people I recognize.


The squirrels made me think of Kentucky and the weird love AshCram, Carla, Kels and I have for them.


Dunfermline Park.

I go here. I go here and it’s lovely.

Let’s continue to live and if you haven’t fallen asleep by now, I thank you.


“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.” –Leon Joseph Cardinal Suenens


5 thoughts on “Rewind.

  1. Hehe, I’m glad you’re becoming a WordPress wiz…and yes I plan on stalking your life! I love the pictures…especially of the dog. Have a fantastic weekend 🙂


  2. Love your blogs. You are, indeed, a very good and discriptured writer. Almost makes me feel I am there with you. Wish I were!! Grandma hands


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