I’m 23. So That’s a Thing.

Well folks it has indeed been awhile. So sorry about that. I’ve been busy! ANYWAYS. Since we last spoke…read…wrote…whatever you know what I mean…I was “celebrating” Groundhog’s Day. Since then, I have travelled to a different city, had a lovely Valentine’s Day and turned 23. EEEEEK.

Let me rewind. So the first weekend of February, I went to visit my friend James in the darling town of Darlington (see what I did there?) in England.  He actually lives right near there in a place called Newton Aycliffe which when I say that name out loud I could not sound more American. We went out and played with his friends as well as another friend from camp, Kate. He had an open mic night at his work that Saturday night and he played as well as another group of guys and it ended up turning into some live band karaoke night with everyone. We also ended up going out to a local bar which according to James and friends is normally not a good time, but we took over that dance floor and made that place fun. The DJ was playing all sorts of old tunes like songs from Grease, Otis Redding, and other top dance music from the earlier decades. I loved every second of it. We stayed at his grandma’s house and she has a little dog that looks exactly like Ace (for those of you that know me well, you know how much I love my dog) and I just wanted to bring her back to Scotland with me. I wasn’t allowed obviously. Sunday night James made a nice Sunday dinner which apparently is a thing in the UK. This includes potatoes, gravy, chicken or beef, Yorkshire puddings (I still don’t understand what exactly these are), veggies, etc. Overall, the weekend was so much fun and I love that there are nightclubs in the UK where I can just bop around and dance my butt off. America needs more of those.

They gave pizza out at a club in Darlington...

They gave pizza out at a club in Darlington…

The next major event was my BIRTHDAY. I am now 23. 23. 23 is a strange age and it feels foreign coming out of my mouth when people ask me how old I am. Not that very many people ask me how old I am, but still.  I think I just really liked being 22. It was a great year and not going to lie, Taylor Swift made being 22 the greatest age in all of the land. I’m looking forward to the next year and I think that a lot of positive changes are going to come into my life. I think that this next year is the year where I figure out what I’m doing after I graduate and it may be bumpy, but the ride will be fun. Right, anyways, I was kind of bummed about not being home on my birthday, butttttttt I walked into the office on Thursday to find that everyone I work with had decorated my desk, baked me a cake (complete with candles), bought me presents and cards, and even sang to me and played birthday related songs all day. I couldn’t have asked for a better day at work and it made me feel so special! That night I came home from work and Ash had dinner on the table (pasta of course) and she had made me (which many of you know about already) a little book complete with birthday messages from all of my family and friends back home. It was the best thing ever! We ended up eating an entire cheesecake and watching the Kardashians all snuggled up on the couch. It was a solid, wonderful day. Thanks to everyone who made the day so wonderful, here, there, and everywhere!


Ash got my friends and family to send little birthday messages, how perfect!


Love this office.


On Friday all the girls from work came over and we hosted a wee Fajita Friday. We played games, watched movies, ate unnecessary amounts of food, typical slumber party activities. Saturday, Mark came and surprised Ash at the house and we had dinner and watched movies. On Sunday we all slept in, Ash and I made a big brunch, then we snacked all afternoon and Ash made a Sunday dinner while Mark and I sat on the couch watching mindless television. Such children. The night ended with Ash and I watching Bridesmaids and eating straight from a tub of raspberry swirl ice cream.


The following week, Tom turned 22 (waaaaaaaaah, I want to be 22) and so he and I celebrated our birthdays as well as James’ (who’s 23rd was the week before mine) that weekend (the 28th). We got Lewis and Lucy to visit and we spent the day pub crawling and frolicking in Edinburgh and making our way out in Dunfermline that Saturday night. In Edinburgh, we ended up going to some place called The Caves and Tom discovered that the downstairs of the pub there were actual caves. Like if there had been an apocalypse that day, we would have been safe. It was a really neat place, kind of dodgy, but with our little group it was a god time. We ended up at the Hard Rock Café that night for dinner and drinks and I forgot how good that place was. I had the best pulled pork I’ve had since Kentucky. We also went to this place in St. Andrews Square called the field of lights. It was incredible!


Bagpipes in Edinburgh.


Neat wall-art.




Exploring the castle grounds with Ash.


Clever wee joke shop.


Headless man.


Street performer!


James, Ash, Lewis, Lucy, Tom and I at the Field of Lights.

1939703_10151897214296949_2011821374_n 1625628_10151897214496949_330270372_n

That night I definitely celebrated as if I were back in Kentucky, and had a blast. It was so great going out with everyone from the office and just dancing the night away!


Tom is 22!

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This post is probably my least entertaining one by far, however, I plan on printing all of my blog posts as well as my photos over the next five months and composing a cheeky scrapbook. The past few weeks have been fairly routine, Ash’s mom and sister came to visit last week and it just made me that more excited for my mom and dad to get here in May. I’ve just been working and relaxing. Everyone from the office went out last week for Jenny’s birthday and it was a wonderful little dinner at a place called Louis Browns. Apparently, people don’t take their leftovers home so I got laughed at when I got a box.

Steph and I at Louis Browns.

Steph and I at Louis Browns.

I went running this weekend as it was absolutely gorgeous weather and after my run I just went walking through the park that we have right near my flat. It is SO NICE. I love it and I can only imagine how beautiful it is in the fall with colored leaves.


Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate that I rewarded myself with…YUMCITY.

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Recent things I’ve learned:

Spring is coming, and in the middle of all of the roads near work, there are these divides, but they are FILLED with spring flowers! It’s so pretty, that if I were driving, the flowers would be such a distraction.

Bathrooms in train and bus stations you have to PAY to use. So. Bye.

Subway-The restaurant-does not serve the same things! For example, if I wanted a buffalo chicken sandwich, that doesn’t exist! I get this thing called Chicken Tikka and it is soooooooo grand. I will miss it.

Teenagers are insanely grabby here. Like Ash and I will be waiting for the bus and there will be like 8 couples of people who are 13 just groping eachother, in public. I never considered myself conservative until I saw that. Plus they smoke. Like do their parents know what they are wearing? Where they are? That they smoke? That they make their school uniforms look like an old Britney Spears music video? Good lord. Kids and teenagers are just allowed to do whatever they want here! It’s insane. I have a new appreciation for my parents making sure they knew where I was, who I was with and what I was doing when I was growing up.

Anyways, this coming weekend I am going to IRELAND! I am so excited to finally explore a different country. I think it will be a great trip and I’m really looking forward to it. That will be my next blog post.

Sorry for the long post, I hope you weren’t too bored!

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Until next time.


“In the sweetness of friendship, let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things, does the heart find its morning and is refreshed.” –Khalil Gibran


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