I’ve been here long enough to compare things and miss things and try things. So I now give you:

UK vs. US

I might stir up some drama here, but considering this is my blog about what I’m learning on my travels, I think it’s okay. However, if anyone is really angry, I’d be up for a solid debate. There are many differences between the US and the UK that are obvious from movies, TV, and books such as the accent (which I wish I had) and foods, but there are smaller things that I truly did not think about until I arrived here long-term. I’ll break it down into categories-Battle Round (basically which country does it better), Phrases, and Terms.


Galaxy and Cadbury Chocolate VS. Hershey = UK Wins

Peanut Butter = US Wins

Squash VS. Crystal Light or Kool-Aid = UK Wins

Hot Sauce = US Wins

Cider VS. Redd’s Apple Ale or Mikes Hard = UK Wins

Stores closing EVERY DAY at 5pm VS. 24-hour places and open late = US Wins

Haribo Sweets VS. Starbursts and Skittles = UK Wins

Tesco and Asda and Co-Op VS. Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger and Meijer = US Wins

Accents = UK Wins


“Quit mugging me off” means “quit messing/joking around”.

“Taking the piss out of you” means “I’m messing/joking around”.

“Oh you’re just taking the mickey out of my accent” means “you’re making fun of my accent”.

“Do you fancy going out to eat?” means “would you like to go out to eat?”

“Want to get a cheeky pint after work?” means “Would you like to get a beer after work?”

“I’m going for a chippy, if you’re interested!” means “I’m going to get some fish and chips.”


Flat = House or Apartment

Centre = Mall

Poundworld, Pound Stretcher, & Poundland (Ash & I call it Poundtown) = Dollar Tree, Dollar General.

Pissed = Drunk

Pint = All beer, all sizes.

Wee = Little

Quid/Pounds = Dolla dolla bills ya’ll.

TKMAxx = TJMaxx

Primark = Forever XXI

Lecture or Seminar = Class

College = equivalent to a tech school in-between University & HS. (Tolles for you Hilliard readers.)

Uni or University = College.

Scone = Biscuit

Biscuit = Cookie

Sweets = Candy

Boot = Trunk

Petrol = Gas

Torch = Flashlight

Hire = Rent

Jumper = Sweater or Hoodie

Crisps = Potato Chips

Chips = French Fries

Bin = Trashcan

Pavement = Sidewalk

CV = Resume

Bap = Roll or bun

Cinema = Movies

Postman = Mailman

Wardrobe = Closet

Queue = Line

 Lift = Elevator

Holiday = Vacation

Garden = Backyard

Spaghetti Hoops = Spaghettios

Pasta = Noodles or Spaghetti

Pish = Meh, or that sucks, or it’s shit.

Cheers = Thank you, or hello.

For the most part, that’s it. Those are the ones we pretty much hear every day around here. Then there are the words that we simply pronounce differently and get made fun of for haha. There are other differences here besides speech. The movies are the same but they arrive here about a month after they’ve been in the states and there are some that I’ve never even seen before because they’re “British”.

TV shows are the same but varied, as in they change based on the region. We have The Voice here but it’s obviously with different judges and we have the same drama with celebrities, although on the magazines at the store have people on there I still don’t recognize. My favourite (google chrome just made me correct that spelling on “favorite”-so strange) show here is Take Me Out and it’s a dating show that if in the states, would definitely be on MTV. It’s so entertaining.

We also listen to music in the office and I’m loving all of it. I’ve become a massive fan of Little Mix, Olly Murs (although we listen to him at home too), JLS, Emile Sande, Westlife, Foxes, Labrinth, Tinie Tempah, Lily Allen, Misha B, and more.

Moving on, this past weekend was nice. Mark visited, so Ash and I made dinner and played board games with him, Steph and Tom. It was obviously girls versus guys and we won! Those boys weren’t too pleased. I also went out during the day Saturday and explored the town a little bit more on my own. It is so beautiful and I almost want to pinch myself to make sure it’s real. Every street looks like something of a movie.


Ironic, isn’t it?


Sometimes you just want to go “somewhere else”.

1526699_10151823654356949_1871113335_n 1533760_10151823667501949_459188204_n 1544392_10151823668256949_1797420984_n 1551729_10151823654031949_2000092373_n 1604977_10151823668121949_1367500161_n

We’ve actually had a lot of sunshine and since it isn’t too cold here, it’s been nice to get out during the day and look for new things to explore. Ash and I have already been making plans for travel outside of Scotland and that’s been really fun. We discovered “Ryanair” which makes for flights inside of the UK inexpensive. We are thinking of London to do the Harry Potter Studio Tour (!!!!!) for my birthday weekend in February, Ireland for St. Patricks Day, as well as Amsterdam and Paris (Disneyland is conveniently there…) before we head back in May.

Anyways, sorry for writing so much! I just get excited about it all. That’s another cool thing about being here. I’m excited all the time! There are just so many things to explore and learn and people to meet and I like that everything is new for me. It’s eye-opening, as cheeseball as that sounds. If anything, I get more excited for applicants with us at work who have never been to the states before because they’ll feel what I feel now.

So, let’s continue to live, and I’ll post again soon!


“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” –C.S. Lewis


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  1. I’m so thrilled for your happiness! Your enthusiasm and joie d’vivre jumps off the page and I feel as if I’m there, too. I hope you can explore the Highlands, too.

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